Leather For Upholstery

Leather's appeal stems from the fact that it is a natural product.  Unlike synthetic upholstery options, real leather has a timeless appeal based on two simple facts: it is beautiful, to both see and feel, as well as comfortable to use.  Add to this the durability genuine leather exhibits as an upholstery material and you can understand why although usually more expensive to purchase, it can be a better value to use for your furniture or car seats in the long term.

Beauty is not just skin deep

Beauty, the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder.   Well go ahead.  Compare real leather with any substitute material.  Have you looked at a Ferrari or Lamborghini and been impressed with their interior?  Did you notice that the arm chair that looked the most inviting in the coffee shop was covered with leather?  Leather is in a class of its own and the only real comparison is between its own different types of finish.

Furthermore, leather can age gracefully.  Furniture pieces that are made with quality leather (usually full grain leather) can show maturity in the form of a lustrous patina that compounds the articles beauty.

Feel the comfort

Leather's unique properties such as breathability and moisture absorption make furniture and objects upholstered with it especially comfortable.  Air is trapped between the many thousands of tiny pores leather skins have and this air acts as a regulator which helps keep the material warm in the winter and cool during the summer.  Elasticity is another advantageous quality that leather possess and adds comfortability to any piece of furniture made with it.

Hard wearing, soft touch

Leather's durability is renowned, with furniture sometimes being passed on to a third generation before requiring reupholstering.  High specification leathers are used in instances of severe working demands such as airplane seats.  Inherent qualities such as flame retardation, resistance to tearing or puncture and flexural fatigue all combine to make leather a top choice in upholstering.

We at Leading Leathers offer the widest possible selection of upholstery leathers in Cyprus.  We stock in our Nicosia warehouse thousands of square meters of leathers in dozens of colors and finishes.  We will help you find the perfect match for your sofa or vehicle and direct you, if you need, to a local upholsterer to get your furniture done quickly and economically. Contact us now!